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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

rip Sergio Toppi 1932-2012

I like juicy lines. I really like good use of negative space. Sergio Toppi’s work – I love.  I’m ashamed to say I know very little about Sergio or his work, other than it makes my eyes water. Another great talent, gone.

sergio-toppi-8sergio-toppi-10sergio-toppi-1112-Sin título-1Sergio-Toppi-Westst_00099910000017919_pgSergio_Toppi_Comic_Fumetto19-Sin título-1sergio-toppi-4sergio-toppi-6sergio-toppi-3TOPPI-48tumblr_m09xk1akzs1qetn3so1_1280blues01toppi-sergio_little-big-horn-121
No number of images could do justice to such an unbelievable body of work. I need to find out more.


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