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Sunday, 22 July 2012

simon Bisley


Okay, so he draws women with big boobs and guns and monsters and stuff like that. Okay, so his work can be a bit (in a derogatory term I coined myself) “boys bedroom”. But you know what? I Love it (capital L). I grew up on a diet of comics and cartoons and when I came across Bisley in 200ad’s ABC Warriors it made no sense to me that someone could produce work in that fashion and in the required quantity. Surely that story alone, to my young mind anyway, must have constituted a lifetimes work? I’ve not followed comics for years but that early grounding and passion plays a defining role in my work, it’s at the foundation of why I wanted to make pictures and to simply draw.

Having just listened to this rather great interview with The Biz I’ve been inspired to blog some of his pieces – I have literally thousands to pick from so these are of no particular set or group but rather what caught my eye after listening.

The critics out there can blab on about the juvenile subject matter and the puerile nature of it all they want (perhaps his series on the most traditional of all subject matters – The Bible – might be his only foray into “art” but it’s still very much done on his terms). They cannot deny that he can draw and paint like a real’un.




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