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Monday, 16 July 2012

I’m in fashion

Online fashion folk, shopbop.com recently contacted me from the good ol’ US of A with the question “could you do us some interesting collages if we supply you with a series of shots”. Having no similar experience and absolutely no understanding of fashion, I of course said “yes”.
Here are the results. I’m happy with them. Shopbop are happy with them and Free People (the clothing label behind the garms being modelled) are happy with them. All in all it was an interesting job. Not my usual thing but it's always fun to try something new and be challenged.
Included in the photos of my own that I used to build the pieces are many local bits n bobs including two of me swimming. If that doesn't have the ladies in a buying frenzy, nowt will.
My girlfriend has suggested that the leather jacket in the eighth piece would make a great alternative to actual currency as way of payment.


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