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Monday, 14 May 2012

Leonard Hilton McGurr
aka futura 2000

Back around 2001 I was getting involved in some of this and that in Manchester's 'Urban Art Scene' (hate that phrase). It was there that I met Futura2000, semi-legendary New York graffiti artist, Clash road crew member and sleeve designer, cycle courier, Madonna dater, friend to Keith Haring & Jean-Michel Basquiat and aircraft carrier crew man (basically one of those folk who've lived a life). He was a nice guy and told some great tales. I got him to scrawl on my coat (which I just rediscovered at the bottom of the cupboard, inspiring this post) and signed my first edition copy of his book that was flying off the shelves at the time. I also gave him a copy of a book I made from perfect bound photocopies of my sketchbooks and some collages. Look for his blog and he's probably posting about that right now too.


Numbskulls said...

I remember it well!

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