dwayne bell

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

death row, leeds

This weekend saw my first visit back to Leeds in about 5 years (hard to believe). I had intended to get a whole mess of photos. Old haunts, old faces, forgotten gems. That sort of thing. This, however is the only picture I got. Me, outside Dixie chicken and chicken cottage, just up from Zam Zams, Death Row, Leeds. That's it. What a f**king plum.
Good to see Gadsby's Art Supplies is still going, the lovely old woman who used to work there let me have student discount for years after I graduated.

turbine climb

It's a sunny day and you're not at work so head out on your bike. Be sure to take only a little water and absolutely no food what so ever, you're not going to be long anyway. Get puncture, fix puncture with Shyte™ Pump, start to ride again, find another puncture, fix the other puncture with Shyte™ Pump. Continue on with barely inflated rear tyre and find three JCBs four hundred yards ahead, blocking the forest track. Detour through the forest at an incredibly slow pace for about an hour and a half, all the while guestimating turbine location (your intended destination). Exit forest exactly one hill away from that which houses the turbines. Descend incorrect hill, ascend correct hill (with semi inflated tyre due to Shyte™ Pump), sit down, weep. You've just turned a ninety minute run into a five hour nightmare.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

robert allen zimmerman, 70 today

I don't know when I first heard Dylan but it was probably on my father's record player as a small child and I was probably too busy pestering the cat or colouring in to notice the music. Had I heard it, I probably would have hated it anyway.

Fast forward fifteen years or so and I was off to Uni, that's when it kicked in. A couple of those repackaged best of albums and my Dylan worship was underway, to this day the largest section of CD shelf in my house is devoted to Dylan albums. A good friend bought me tickets to see him live once, when I was down in the dumps, it is the only time I have ever felt truly star struck.

Bob, you enigmatic weirdo you, happy birthday.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

no posts shocker

I've not posted for AGES. I can offer up no good reason and will have to put it down to a bout of the lazies. Here's a few things that I've been passing through my brain filter ap recently.


They're called Left Lane Cruiser, they're from Indiana and they're playing an R. L. Burnside tune - if you like big filthy blues check them out.

And here's the late great R. L. himself

Left Lane Cruiser, this time cranking out The Black Key's, Stack Shot Billy

The Black Keys doing it themselves

He's a small effeminate man wearing high heeled shoes and he sounds like this

I've been watching


Reading (manly nonsense)

Laughing at this man

That's us all caught up. Oh, I've playing on my bike too.