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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Source Code

Source Code, Duncan Jones' follow up to Moon is another slice of Sci-Fi erm, pie.
Went and watched 'er last night and it's pretty bloomin' good. Not quite up there with Moon but that really was a stand out film. As my friend and I discussed the film on the way out, we hit upon this theory - the main character in Source Code, played by jake gyllenhaal is called Colter Stevens, is this a reference to another celluloid hero, one Colt Seavers A.K.A The Fall Guy? What a world we would live in if men really had such names.
I for one would like to see a cross over film, where impossible science trickery sent a stuntman back in time to investigate an act of terrorism by jumping over stuff in a truck whilst giving buxom ladies a knowing and mischievious look from beneath a cowboy hat. Now that, I'd watch.


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