dwayne bell

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Source Code

Source Code, Duncan Jones' follow up to Moon is another slice of Sci-Fi erm, pie.
Went and watched 'er last night and it's pretty bloomin' good. Not quite up there with Moon but that really was a stand out film. As my friend and I discussed the film on the way out, we hit upon this theory - the main character in Source Code, played by jake gyllenhaal is called Colter Stevens, is this a reference to another celluloid hero, one Colt Seavers A.K.A The Fall Guy? What a world we would live in if men really had such names.
I for one would like to see a cross over film, where impossible science trickery sent a stuntman back in time to investigate an act of terrorism by jumping over stuff in a truck whilst giving buxom ladies a knowing and mischievious look from beneath a cowboy hat. Now that, I'd watch.

wally lamb

Unquestionably one of the greatest novelists writing today, Wally Lamb creates a sense of the epic whilst dealing with the lives of normal people, often in the face of personal darkness and ugly circumstance. Nature over nurture, family history, ancestry, the unstoppable continuation of time, where do we come from, where are we going, who and what do we effect on our journey? If you are able to read Lamb’s novels, without feeling sadness, enlightenment or joy then you may well not be human but stone. What's this all about? Just picked up his third novel in a charity shop and am about to begin...

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Having go my site up and running it's now time to start promoting myself. The good people at Hire an Illustrator must have been reading my mind as they recently got in touch asking if I'd be interested in signing up. I was, I did.

I'll keep the blog updated on any work that comes my way via HAI!
The logo above will show you the way...


I've been busy lately, putting finishing touches to my web site and looking into other avenues of promoting my work. The blog has taken a back seat as a result. So if you are that one person who is looking, sorry.

During a recent feedback session with students I inevitably created a few doodles. Here are two of 'em that later became enlarged collages in the old sketchbook.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

song from students

You know, as a lecturer, you're either doing something very right or very wrong when the students write you a song.
Thanks to Jenny and Katie for my last day on National Diploma song. See if you can guess the tune.

I see stripes of green,
Red chequers, too.
I see them buttoned up around you.
And I think to myself, ‘what a wonderful shirt.’

I see hair of brown,
Stubble too.
That furry face bestowed upon you.
And I think to myself, ‘what a wonderful beard.’

All the pictures in our logbook, so pretty and bright.
Scanned into Photoshop: they look alright.
I see pens in your hand, acetate too.
Layer ‘em all up,
Just like y’ do.

I hear vowels of Scots,
Printers too.
I’m in reprographics; I see you.
And I think to myself, ‘what a wonderful bloke!’
Yes, I think to myself, ‘what a wonderful bloke!’

Oh yeah.

And now, a few days later I have been presented with a CD containing...

Created by Jen Bows of 2nd Yr Graphic Desgin. Thanks Jen.