dwayne bell

Friday, 25 February 2011

it's alive!!!

I've put a first draft of my site on line. Like old Frank here, it's not quite right.
If you could post the problems you find here, that'd be grand as owt. I've found a few myself but I'm sure there are many.

Click on Franky boy to be whisked away.


Ian Moreton said...

Looks nice so far, good collection of work on there. What programme you using to build it?

dwayne bell said...

Dreamweaver, just using the resources that the 2nd years get when they do their website module. It's been slow going. I'm alright with crayons but not so hot with technology.

Freelance Graphic Designer said...

It looks really nice Dwayne but I did notice that the link to your blog didn't work and there doesn't seem to be a link at all for the "contact" part. You might have meant these since it's only the 1st draft but if not I just thought I'd bring them to your attention :)

Good luck with Dreamweaver... it's a bitch!

dwayne bell said...

Yeah, the blog thing is a puzzle. Thought I'd simply left the link out by accident but looking at the dreamweaver file shows that it's all there so should be working. The contact thing is ok though. And yes, dreamweaver is indeed a bitch, I concur.

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