dwayne bell

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


... as knife edge wings slice distant skies...

Writting briefs for illustration students yesterday I got sidetracked and gave one a go myself.


Nik Holmes said...

Gosh darn, that's beautiful Dwayne. It's a little old school Ray Bradbury book cover.

dwayne bell said...

Such a good compliment Nik, I was thinking about those cheap American Sci-Fi books of the 70's. Didn't want that exactly but certainly wanted a hint of it in the mix. My thoughts were it could be an alien planet or mountains or pyramids of our own.
There was also a certain amount of wanting to play with loads of layers and textures truth be told.

Ian Moreton said...

That reminds me of Matthew Lyons


Got a really nice aesthetic to it a and the colours are superb. Nice one!

Freelance Graphic Designer said...

Makes me think of Pixar's "Incredibles" and all the art work that went into planning that. It looks fantastic, I'll have to get you to show me how you did it sometime.

dwayne bell said...

Colin, I'll happy give you a look at the PS file, so long as you're prepaired to be disapointed. Think 300 muddled layers and scans of random guff. There, that's my technique out of the box.

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