dwayne bell

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Today in the office I've been getting schooled in all things prog rock and I'll tell you, I'm not feeling it. 13 minute songs with church organ solos and lyrics that require a basic knowledge of folklore, not to mention album art that made you go 'Wow!' up until the age f 12 when you realised it was a bit naff. Nope, not for me.


Ian Moreton said...

I completely agree, my dad put me onto the work of Roger Dean when I was a nipper and I was mesmerised by it.......then I grew up a bit and realised the truth. My old man has a roger dean documentary on DVD, I watched for nostalgic reasons and there is a good section which shows his early sketchbook work, which I have to say is far better to look at than the fantasy tripe that he got famous for. Still, thanks for the trip down memory lane...

Freelance Graphic Designer said...

You're just listening to the wrong kind of prog lol Find me in the studio one day and I'll educate you (though some of the art work is still a bit gash :/ lol).

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