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Friday, 21 January 2011

Cycling & Music

Two illustrations recently completed for Cycling Active Magazine.
"Do you think you would like to do some illustrations about cycling to music?" they asked. "Yes", I replied with conviction. These aren't actually 100% what will appear in print, these are a little less specific than those that will be used.


Nik Holmes said...

Top Dog, my friend, as always. Gota be feeling proud.

Graphic Design & Illustration said...

Never mind that, you're in The Dandy. Proud I am. I went out on my lunch the other day to buy it but it wasn't it yet. Are they going to start calling it The Dandy by Jamie Smart?

Nik Holmes said...

Ha, yeah, when they revamped it last year they asked Jamie to produce a style guide and he had a big hand in the look of the thing. That's not to say he didn't get alot of flack from the media about how his Desperate Dan was an abomination and an insult, even though he'd been doing it for about four years.

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