dwayne bell

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

contradictory information

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

"fill your hand, you son of a bitch"

I was happy to hear that True Grit, an undisputed classic western, was to be "re-imagined". I was happier to find it was being created by the Coen brothers and would see them working once again with the fantastic Jeff Bridges. Having seen the trailer I am pleased further to find the classic, "fill your hand you son of a bitch" scene is in there, two guns blazing and all. Oh and I think Matt Damon might be playing the "Texican".

Night riding here we come

The dark nights cometh and with them, night rides on the bike. Just ordered this sleek little beauty to amp up my already pretty bright lights. Look at it, you just know it's going to have a reassuringly solid, cold aluminium feel. It'll probably make satisfying 'tight fitting technical' noises when you put it together, I'll bet.

Commencal Team frame

Sometime in the summer (blog quite period) my beloved Commencal frame cracked, rendering it useless. After two months of phone calls and emails my new frame turned up and I built it over the weekend. Better yet, no invoice has turned up so far.

Open day poster

Have been asked to design a poster for The University of Cumbria open days they will be running soon. Put together two ideas, one basic and compositional, another more illustrative - trying to show Cumbria's USP of outdoorsiness.Think they're leaning toward the outdoors one. Someone else is going to do the type.