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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

abandoned thumbnails no.02

Another one that nearly got away. This was thumb-nailed at the end of 2009, I can't remember what for or if it was just an idea that I played around with for a wee while without reason. Anyway, I've liked it ever since and eventually got round to putting some flesh on the bones.

abandoned thumbnails no.01

My sketchbook is currently jam packed with hundreds of thumbnails which have been created whilst trying to come up with resolved ideas. Going through it there are a few really nice ideas (in my opinion anyway) that, though not quite right for their initial purpose, could still make interesting images. Basically, they weren't up for the job but I still fancy working them up. So here's the first "nearly got away" which was an early idea for Illustration Friday - expired.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

on yer bike

This weekend, whilst I was taking more photos of the lads biking, one of the group had the revolutionary idea of taking a picture of me. For the hundreds of pictures I've taken of us out and about, this is one of only a couple of me. So I put it up here, not because it represents any great biking talent (it doesn't) but simply because of it's rarity.

Friday, 26 March 2010

More sketchbook acetates

A few more extracts from my current sketchbook showing my re-kindled enjoyment of acetate photocopies. The drawings are done with a dip pen to get the line quality, drawn small and quickly. I love the line quality that comes from enlarging doodles, the more you enlarge 'em, the better it gets. Delicious.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

animated Gif magic

One of many animated GIFs to be found here. Now, I wonder if I can come up with one.

Birds on branches

Yesterday I posted for I/F and mentioned a recent trend for birds on branches. This piece, done for my much better half, represents the first instance of this phenomenon.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

illustration friday - expired

I've recently been going through a faze of including birds on branches in many illustrations. Don't know why, but I have. I decided for this weeks word, expired, I'd put this to bed and have as my subject, a dead bird. On wondering which bird should be dead it soon became obvious that there was only one option - the Norwegian Blue (remarkable bird, beautiful plumage, in'it!).

Friday, 19 March 2010

Acetate and collage

An old favorite trick of mine, acetate photocopy with collage behind. This isn't for any purpose other than I'd been looking through some old sketchbooks and got inspired.

illustration friday - subterranean

Here's my piece for this week's illustration Friday, the theme this week being 'Subterranean'. My aim was to elude to rather than show, in the simplest graphic form, the story I wanted to tell.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Waking up in daylight

I tend to wake up early in the morning so I've been enjoying the fact that of late it has become noticeably light in the mornings. Waking up in sun light - simple pleasures really are the most enjoyable.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

One for the scrapheap

Sometimes, an illustration just isn't coming together and you have to walk away (actually you can just put it to the side, walking away would be overly dramatic and pointless - you'd have to walk back eventually), this is one such piece. I almost like where it's at but it's not allowing me to do what I want so it's on the scrapheap. Thought I'd post it up here as it may grow on me and become something else.

guilty pleasure #02

I recently asked a friend, "How often do you think we watched The Rock during the last year of school?". "Most days" was his answer, and unfortunately, he was right. So I watched it again yesterday, it's a bit like an extended scene from Top Gear with a higher budget and some swears, but I still managed to enjoy it. And it still contains the best line that Sean Connery has ever shlurred his way through.

Another biking picture

Is it possible? I got out and about on the bike over the weekend and the weather was good. I don't mean to go on and on about the weather but I really am quite excited about the changes. Oh, and it's light at nights...

Monday, 15 March 2010

Guilty Pleasure

I first saw this film in the Odeon Cinema, Leeds with my old University Cohort, Dave Beckitt. We were (are?) sensible young men of refined taste with both educated mind and eye. So there we were, watching some piffle about Dragons almost destroying modern man, watching Matthew McConaughey act more manly than 8 gallons of testosterone smoking a cigar whilst standing on top of a tank. Watching as the scene depicted on the films poster never actually happened. It was in short, a load of crap. And we bloody loved it. Finding myself at a loose end last night I stuck the recently bought, cheap DVD in and watched again. And it's still a load of crap and I still loved it.
Which reminds me, I had quite a good conversation about Smokey and The Bandit on Saturday night...

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Alumni exhibition

Here's an image from Leeds Met's site, taken from from the exhibition of Alumni illustrators. In hindsight, it's was perhaps a touch egotistical, creating a 2 meter tall banner with my own big face on it. Live and learn, live and learn.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Spring is in the air

Hoorah! Spring is here and although it's still a bit cold in the mornings it's a definite step away from the winter we've had and toward the summer we all deserve. I'm that energised that I was able to spring lamb-like, from my bed this morning and put this little piece together in celebration.

Google Street maps

Had it pointed out to me that I have made an appearance* (with half of the nation) on Google Street Maps. So here I am in a blurred faced state strolling out with my lady friend.
* It's not really as interesting seeing it as a still image, the fun is to be had from "exploring" the distorted street until you find yourself, someone naked walking across a bedroom or a dog being funny.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Bob dylan. blood on the tracks.

The idea here is that the track listing of classic albums are now largely defunct for many listeners who no longer listen from start to finish as intended. I have tried to turn the listing into something visual to bring new life.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Neil Young

The "God Father of Grunge's" tracks- Hey hey, my my and My my, hey hey. The first of a few ideas which came about whilst listening to some old classic albums.

Classic songs

Whilst plootering on the Mac the other night, I was listening to some great tunes by some great artists. I got thinking about words, names and also the fact that the "great album" doesn't exist in this day and age of iTunes et al. I've got a few ideas down this avenue, These being a start. The simple font is of my own, I like the abstract forms that are created by the overlapping type. I want to look into creating some pieces on classic albums (blonde on blonde, Harvest Moon for a start) looking at the track listings and, in particular running orders which were once agonised over by artists but are now ignored as we jump from song to song, artist to artist.

BFTB bike club logo

Here's a more finalised idea for the bike club logo that I've been thinking about (simple, fun, childish - just like biking). Hope the boys like it, next step is to see what it looks like as part of a jersey design. Maybe go the full hog and see what it looks like on the team van, (we'll never have) the team helmet (we'll never have) and all the other usual team kit (we'll never have).

Monday, 8 March 2010

These two images represent the starting point of a new identity for our biking club / team. We've only just received our riding tops now though so it's going to be a while before we need new ones. My idea is that biking is in many ways a childish pursuit but that is it's beauty and is something we should celebrate. I'm going for a kids book feel, bright simple colours and naive forms. I've been playing with a collaged paper cut look too.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Nice fork!

Have you been looking for a chance to complement a fork on it's appearance? Thought so, so here's your chance. It's the Totem from Rock Shox, the actual fork that would not only make my big bike better but would also bring my twin passions of illustration and biking together in one package.
Art work from Cody Hudson, ch-ch-check his site out!

AOI conference / Leeds Met

Next week sees the A.O.I. hit Leeds Met for a day of advice for up-coming illustrators and as a Leeds Met Alumni (I feel like a berk typing that) I have been invited to show work as part of the accompanying exhibition. The brief was to produce a piece of work from the title 'Survive', here's my offering. I have never produced so many thumbnail ideas for one illustration before. I had ideas from dogs chasing hares to people with ladders coming out of there heads - obviously.
Apologies to Mick Marston, who was putting the show together, in his words "it's been like herding cats". I hope it all goes together well and I can't wait to see all the work produced by the other alumni, I just hope I haven't shamed myself in front of so many people I admire.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sonnenzimmer Studios

Some eye soothing (I was going to write "popping" but I think they're more gentle than that) posters from Sonnenzimmer Studios (Chicago), subtle and with great use of negative space. Lot's of great posters flying about at the minute but these seem more mature and sophisticated than many -at least to my immature and unsophisticated mind.

Worst night of your life. Guaranteed.

For every great piece of design there's one of these.
I simply can't imagine a use for this coat when something - anything - else wouldn't be better. So if you want an uncomfortable, wet, cold and devastatingly depressing night out in the wilds buy one of these, or even better, save yourself the money and go out naked and really have a shit time.

Sketchbook pages

In response to the previous post, here's a couple of sketchbook pages which proceed the final piece - below. I think I might do some final pieces in a similar way, no photoshop, loads of sticky tape.

Ideas piece

Here's a recent piece I done for an upcoming exhibition. It began life talking about the search for ideas and has evolved into this piece which is a bit more expressive and abstracted than the early sketches which were being a bit too obvious in my opinion - light bulbs for ideas, that sort of thing.
(Just realised that I've not really been putting much of my own work up on here.)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Sleeved Blanket

Good design is problem solving. Really good design is solving a problem that's so everyday we didn't even notice it until it was solved.
From here

Treasures abound

Been able to spend a wee bit of time passing my eyes over some great work on the web, I've been lucky today and found some images of inspiration. Now, a big pile of pain killers and I might be able to do some making of my own...