dwayne bell

Saturday, 4 December 2010

snow & bikes

It may not have been the best biking conditions but it was a laugh.


Watson said...

Thought i'd comment! Just checking out your blog for inspiration since you did a quick presentation in our foundation group a few wednesdays ago. Nice to see you're including hobbies on here too! Gave me a few more ideas aswell since i'm pretty much addicted to bikes :D

dwayne bell said...

Yeah, thought you perked up when I mentioned bikes that day. The blog is looking pretty sweet although it's not good to be reminded of Les Gets / Morzine whilst sitting at a desk. I'll keep checking back and get a look at some of your work too.

Nik Holmes said...

How long to line up the wheels in this shot? Even your photos inspire me Dwayne. I'll get you a nice shot of my boys bike, he's got a sweet Scoobt Doo ride!

dwayne bell said...

Ha Ha, hadn't even noticed the mathematical lining of wheels. How long did it take - as long as it takes to ram two bikes into the snow, snap the camera and bugger off to where it was warm. When I got that bike Nik, it was between that and a Ghostbusters one, still not sure I done the right thing.

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