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Friday, 8 October 2010

illustration friday - beneath

Having just read Stephen King's, IT, the word 'beneath' was a great opportunity to create an image inspired by the story.


Nik Holmes said...

Good book. Little Eddie didn't die a virgin afterall. TV lied.

Always nice to see your work Dwayne, the non-machine of the future kind.

dwayne bell said...

Yeah, if I'm not taping torches to hats this is what I'm up to. Having never read the book I was quite surprised by the deflowering scene. Nothing grabs the attention quite like a pre-teen orgy in a horror novel, that's what I always say.

Nik Holmes said...

Yeah, bit much really. Fat lad hurt a bit if I remember...Cheers Mr King.

Hey, did you know the young lad who played Bill in the TV movie killed himself? God, that's depressing.

dwayne bell said...

Didn't know that BUT having checked out his filmography on imdb, I can't say I'm surprised. (Is that harsh?)
And yes, the fat lad had more than one notable area of girth.

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