dwayne bell

Monday, 15 March 2010

Guilty Pleasure

I first saw this film in the Odeon Cinema, Leeds with my old University Cohort, Dave Beckitt. We were (are?) sensible young men of refined taste with both educated mind and eye. So there we were, watching some piffle about Dragons almost destroying modern man, watching Matthew McConaughey act more manly than 8 gallons of testosterone smoking a cigar whilst standing on top of a tank. Watching as the scene depicted on the films poster never actually happened. It was in short, a load of crap. And we bloody loved it. Finding myself at a loose end last night I stuck the recently bought, cheap DVD in and watched again. And it's still a load of crap and I still loved it.
Which reminds me, I had quite a good conversation about Smokey and The Bandit on Saturday night...


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